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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Monday, 01 October 2007

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Atari LogoInfogrames, the French company who snapped up Atari back in hell does anyone really know? It's a big convoluted story but essentially IESA (that's the abbreviation of the holding company known as Infogrames) has a U.S. branch and they call it Atari inc...though oddly there's also an Atari, UK. Anyway, they, the big cheeses in France, have stated they are dedicated to making Atari profitable. I can't see how the hell they screwed it up in the first place. Well aside from the company being under some bizarre business curse. But I recall writing about a plan to make it profitable like last year. Is this a new plan or is it a continuation of the old plan? Did they ditch the last plan and fire the planner or just get a better bid from a new planner with a new plan? 

Well you know what I think? 

I think they don't know how to handle Atari. They don't know how to market and manage the company. They say they are working in the best interest of Infogrames shareholders.  But they say nothing about Atari and its interests.

Well here's my plan for making Atari profitable:

  1.  Organize it into a self-governing unit.
  2. Put people in it that understand the power of the name. People who know the industry and people who want to see it succeed not only because of profit, but because of what it is as well.
  3. Let them have a free hand to market the company, the brand and the products as they see fit.
  4. Give them one year and a large enough budget to succeed.
  5. If that fails, sell the company for the good of Atari and Infogrames.

Well there you go. The budget I mentioned would be no more than you safely estimate the company to be worth if you were to sell it. So then you at least break even on the final year of it at the very least. If it becomes profitable then you have some extra pocket cash. But you take that cash and you reinvest it into the company to make it grow and to ensure that you will continue to see profit from it. 

 Now that's not so difficult is it? But in the world of big business and holding companies plans like this are very difficult to implement and execute so I can see if being far more difficult than I make it out to be. Of course they could always just surrender and sell it instead of going through all this trouble.

Here's an even crazier idea, put ME in charge of it. That would make for an interesting year indeed.
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