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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Saturday, 30 August 2008

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of stopping by the Hudson Entertainment booth to experience some of their upcoming games hands on.  Part of their lineup includes Bomberman Blast and Alien Crush Returns both for release on Wii Ware.

  Alien Crush Returns is a remake of a classic TurboGrafx16 game.  Overall it is a pinball game but with a definite twist. Your man goal is to use your pinball to "crush" aliens that appear all over the game board.  After getting through few levels you do come upon a boss alien that will require several hits in order to be taken down. 

This is a pinball game so you will have to control your flippers in order to get the precision hits.  This is made use of a Wii Remote with the Nunchuck.  Simply use the C button on the Nunchuck and the B button of the Wii Remote to control your left and right flipper (depending on which hands you have it setup to be).  You also use the Nunchuck's joystick to pull a fresh ball back and release to launch it. 100_0781

Part of the appeal to bringing back an old game is the new modern graphics given to Alien Crush.  They've also modernized it with a four player online aspect with a few different modes.  Part of the mode is a time attack where players compete to clear boards within a given amount of time.  Players can also go head to head against each other with on-line leaderboards.   

100_0793 Last but not least for Wii Ware from Hudson Entertainment is the latest in the Bomberman property.  Bomberman Blast is set to be an outstanding game.  Basically, the good folks over at Hudson have listened to their Fans and have left no holds barred on features for this next game.  Control are a classic style which you do by holding the Wii Remote sideways give you access to the directional pad and the 1 and 2 buttons.  There is, however, one use of the motion in the Wii Remote and that is to bounce it in order to use a power up the lets your character jump. 

100_0796Hudson have given players a chance to play with friends using the Wii's Wifi.  The games really do get crazy with eight players on the screen, but the chaos is exciting.  One of my favorite features is that when your are bombed you are down but not out. Your Character circles the field and has the ability to bomb the remaining players and doing so successfully allows you to rejoin the game in what feels like a dodgeball style. 

A great feature is that Bomberman Blast makes use of the Mii characters so you can play as yourself and bomb your friends, literally.  A few new game modes are added and really expand on the game.  Air-Raid is a wide open field with bombs constantly dropping or countdown, where once you are bombed you are given a certain amount of time to bomb another player before you are ejected.  Last player standing wins.

Hudson has many offerings such as DECA Sports and Fishing Master World Tour.  However, I feel that these two Wii Ware titles are going to contain the real excitement this year.  I really like the fact that Hudson Entertainment is taking old school games and giving them a renewed feel.  Bomberman has a large following and this new game should really appeal to their fans.

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