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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 06 September 2007

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HP has partnered with VooDoo and they are set to release a new brand of gaming PC on 15 September. Dubbed the Blackbird 002 the PC looks to go head-to-head with the Alienware and Commodore gaming computers. But these others generally look cooler than the Blackbird I think. Competition is heating up in this area of gaming what with the re-emergence of Commodore as high-end gaming PCs, Alienware the already established market leader and now HP entering the fray. I am certain there are others that I have missed and more that are coming. But this is about the Blackbird 002.



On 15 September the world will see all the specs on the Blackbird 002 but I grabbed some product shots for you and have some information on it. The computer will house an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 3.0Ghz processor, dual NVidia Geforce 8800 Ultras, CPU and Geforce liquid cooling options and a 15 in 1 card reader.


Personally I hate when they have pop up pieces like the one shown here. Why do they make slick looking PCs and then ruin the lines of it by having this sort of set up where you have a block of the body jutting out. Of course the card reader is generally limited use and wouldn't need to be open most of the time. So to make sure you need this piece open they put other more useful things in it like the Firewire and USB ports. From the look of it all of these jacks and plugs are also on the back of the computer so these are for quick access or emergency use? Speaking of the back panel it looks to hold at least 4 USB ports as well as audio, LAN and a modem jack? Yes I have a $3000 gaming machine and 56K internet connection, not very likely nowadays is it?

Well prices haven't been announced but I can see this monster being at least $2000 and up, so $3000 was just a safe guess on my part. I imagine they could range upwards of $5000 depending on the options you add into your personal configuration and whether or not you get a monitor with it.

blackbird frame Speaking of configuration. The machine is configured with thermal chambers which allow for more airflow and each part of the machine to have its own cooling stream. Actually the chambers look to just be airflow channels with a fan at the bottom for the power supply, one in the middle for the drives and another near the top for the CPU and other components. From the big logo on the cooling apparatus with the 'cooling pipes' it must have an ASUS motherboard in it. According to The Inquirer it will probably have Corsair Dominator RAM, the same RAM that can be found in some configurations of the new Commodore gaming machines. 

The frame (left) on the machine is a massive aluminum foot and ring that they say can support 600lbs. So while you are carrying this rig to the next big LAN party on the bus you can sit on it if you wish. I don't really know if it being able to hold 600lbs. is a selling point or not. I mean not many people use their PCs as the legs of a bench or table. Hell I generally used mine as a footrest or a coffee table where I actually put just my coffee.Yes I know that's not the smartest thing in the world to but I never really had a gaming machine like this.

The Image Gallery:  Gallery-Detail_12

This computer doesn't look revolutionary or even all that amazing. It does look cool and has some 'wow' factor to it; but honestly I think both the Alienware and the Commodore computers look nicer. We will find out more on 15 September when the machine's 'dedication edition' is released. Fully configurable systems should arrive around 1 October. I am sure this will come with configurable side panels and images and such which is the new thing in gaming. I am so glad that PC makers finally did away with that ugly PC beige. Black is the new beige apparently.

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