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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 27 February 2008

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I sure am glad I'm going back to technically advanced Europe next week. Check this out.

Friends and Gamers can be that little closer together with the launch of Go!Messenger, the new wireless communication package for PSP from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and BT.

Oh crap, I don't have a PSP.  

 PSP users can now keep in touch with each other, for free*, from any wireless broadband internet connection. Go!Messenger will allow gamers to Video, Voice and Instant Message (IM) each other from anywhere in the world all from their PSPs. When connected to a Go!Cam, the attachable video camera and microphone for PSP, users also have the ability to make video calls to their friends and leave fun video and voice messages.

Go!Messenger has been developed in partnership with BT, allowing users to connect to wireless broadband at over 2,500 BT Openzone hotspots and in and around city centres. Users will have the freedom of a mobile phone except that through Go! Messenger all calls to other users are free*.

Well that's damn spiffy. I need to get me one of them new-fangled PSP things all the kids are raving about and get my chat on. Of course then I also have to find other friends who have PSPs so I can keep in touch with them right? I mean it only works for PSP users. Maybe I'll stick to a portable PC or smartphone. 

Because there's always a catch:

* Wi-Fi access required for free calls between Go!Messenger users (e.g. a home wireless broadband connection). Charges may be levied by some providers in public wireless hotspots.

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