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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007

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 I played Heavenly Sword while I was at GC Leipzig for about an hour I would say and the game is way cool and a lot of fun. You can pull off some amazing moves in it and it makes good use of the Sixaxis motion-sensing tech. It is definitely a game worth checking out for all you PS3 owners who like a good fighting game.

The game is set for release on 12 September, one week from now. 


 The game centres on Nariko, a doomed heroine out to avenge her people, a warrior clan almost destroyed by the tyrant King Bohan.  Had Nariko been born male, she would have fulfilled the prophecy that the child of her father would lead the clan to a glorious future.  Nonetheless, her father raised her to know the skills of warfare, imparting to her the arts and mindset of the warrior.  When he was captured by Bohan, Nariko is left with only one choice - to take up the Heavenly Sword. The sword is the clan’s greatest and most guarded treasure - a hugely powerful weapon that gives the person who carries it the power too scatters foes and defeat armies.   However, it was meant to be carried by a deity alone; its power drains the life of any mortal who wields it.  In taking up the sword to rescue her father and save the last remnance of her clan, Nariko has sealed her fate.

But this is no ordinary tale of combat and revenge.  The combat and cinematics in Heavenly Sword are rendered with full-body and full-facial motion capture delivered by New Zealand’s WETA Studios – leading lights of Hollywood special effects technology.  The game’s cast is headed up and directed by Andy Serkis – otherwise known as Gollum from The Lord of the Rings – and you’ll fight to a score composed by world-renowned modern composer Nitin Sawhney.  Heavenly Sword, harnessing the power of the PS3 Cell Broadband Engine processor, has set a new standard for game production – and then, there’s the combat itself…

  • Fight using the three stances of the Heavenly Sword: Speed Stance, Power Stance and Range Stance – all of which can be switched mid-fight to create devastating combinations of attacks and special moves.
  • Take down a whole squad of troops with artillery or use a sniper-bow to eliminate individuals, guiding your arrows to their targets with the tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS wireless controller. Take weapons from the dead - and employ them against your foes.
  • Fight one-on-one against mighty boss characters; battle squads of highly intelligent enemies and take the field against thousands of soldiers – this is scaling combat like nothing seen before.

I found a five-part mini anime over at GameStop that explains the legend involved in the Heavenly Sword game which I thought you might all be interested in watching while I upload the more than 145 screenshots and art pieces I have from GC Leipzig.

Here's the link to the gallery: heavenly sword.jpg


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