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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

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According to the next issue of Game Informer, Neversoft is on a mission to de-throne Rock Band as the King of Rhythm Games, but is it too little, too late?

Neversoft is taking the Rock Band route, and adding drums and vocals to Guitar Hero IV, in addition to the already present lead and bass guitar options.  But in a move to differentiate the product from EA’s money-making machine of continuous downloadable content, they have decided to focus on customization and content creation as well.

The developers are promising more customization than ever before, including character, instrument, and songs creation.  Yes, gamers will be able to create tracks sans the vocals, due to “storage space and possible copyright issues”.  The songs can then be uploaded to “GH Tunes” where they can be shared with other gamers.  In a rather odd move, players will be limited to five song uploads.  This limit can be increased if other gamers like your songs.  This feature will appear as a scaled down option in the Wii and PS2 versions of the game.

Some more good news from the Neversoft camp, Guitar Hero IV will contain master tracks for all songs in the game.   Although no song names have been released, Neversoft has confirmed Van Halen, The Eagles, Linkin Park and Sublime will all appear on the set list.

Additionally, the Game Informer article makes mention of a new “input mechanic”, and also said that Red Octane has designed a new guitar that will “impact the way you play GH in the future”.

Only time will tell if Neversoft’s forthcoming offering will weather the storm, but personally, I don’t think they stand a chance.  I hope they prove me wrong.


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jjbmetal, Publisher
It could be cool, with a new "input mechanic" and a new guitar and way of playing it. But those could all be bad too. I like the idea of creating my own song, but at the same time, unless there's extensive help with that, I don't see me using that much. I'm no composer, I don't know guitar, bass, or drums and how to make them sound good. I know video game instruments. And if it gets too realistic, that's why they have real instruments, to really learn how to play...this is a video game, easy for the masses. I guess we'll see. And it needs to be spectaculor to make me want to buy more plastic instruments.
 Posted 2008-05-14 07:24:01
 2. Untitled
SuperGuido, Super Administrator
Here's some photos of the drums at Crunchgear from the Game Informer article
 Posted 2008-05-14 10:13:23
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