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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

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What a new PS2 property? I think snorkle256 was just asking me the other day why games are developed for the platform and I stated that it was due to the huge install base and the fact that many people can't (due to money) or don't want to (I know not why) upgrade to a PS3. So for those of you holding tightly to that PS2 Agetec is bringing you a new RPG Falling Stars.

Agetec, Inc. will be releasing Falling Stars for PlayStation 2 in early summer 2008.

 Players star as Luna, a young girl living in Dazzleon, who longs for something more. One day, her uncle, Matt visits and discovers a mine that seems to possess odd powers. He becomes so intrigued that he decides to stay and investigate. Soon, to the horror of Luna and her neighbors, he becomes obsessed with the mine as it starts to possess him (so much that it turns his skin green!). He begins to experiment on his pets and in the process, turns them into evil monsters. Because it’s her uncle, Luna feels responsible for his actions and desperately looks for a solution. She comes across one when she finds and adopts her uncle’s lost pet. She decides to train her pet in order to challenge her uncle to the ultimate battle to restore Dazzleon back to its original, peaceful village.

In Falling Stars, players will be able to help Luna’s neighbors by completing quests, playing mini games, training and battling with their pet, and delving deeper into the mystery that surrounds Dazzleon.

Falling Stars brings on a whole different genre of adventure RPG,” says producer Mark Johnson, Agetec. “Gameplay has been designed with young girls and boys in mind; with cute characters, fun mini games, and simplified controls. These features encourage the younger crowd to play and fall in love with their first RPG.”

“The best part about this game is not only does it have the usual RPG elements: intriguing storyline, quests, missions, battles, and so forth, but it gives you an opportunity to be creative and customize Luna’s attire,” says Ivolgamus. “The dress-up portion is what really makes the game stand out; not only can you dress Luna to your liking, but what you wear will also affect how neighbors will treat you. If neighbors like the way you dress, they will start offering you missions, quests, mini-games – they’ll even offer you better prices and trades; however, if they don’t like the way you dress, they might not even talk to you!”

Falling Stars is rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB. For more information visit

It's nice to see some quality all ages video games. While I am not against Mature and Adult Only games, we can't forget the children. They want to play video games as much as adults to and that means some games need to be designed with them in mind. Well done Agetec! Well done indeed. 

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