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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Eidos makes some big games and now they're shrinking down some of them to handheld size specifically for gamers like me who are on the go and have only a handy handy. (that's funny for Europeans and not so much for Americans. Handy is another word for mobile or cell phone). 

The Eidos Christmas line-up includes a mix of original titles and classics – from Lara to new guys on the block, Kane and Lynch and the hugely addictive Sola Rola.

Kane and Lynch mobile: Inspired by IO Interactive’s highly anticipated title; players can experience 38 adrenaline filled levels through 5 gripping scenarios. The mobile version of Kane and Lynch takes the gritty essence of IO's new blockbuster title and combines it with innovative design to create a unique game for mobile handsets.

Perhaps it will get panned by another critic who will then get fired for his 'tone.' Since I do the reviews and can't really be fired I think I'm safe on all counts.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition: To celebrate ten years of gaming’s most famous archaeologist, Lara Croft will star in a new adventure taking in familiar locations from her past. Inspired by the first three Tomb Raider mobile phone games, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary faithfully preserves the elements which made the original mobile games some of the best available on the mobile platform. Taut, and fast-paced, this is a perfect tribute to one of gaming’s true legends and the first title to come from new British Developer, FinBlade.

Ahh Lara, now I can hold you in my hands and fondle your numbers and er...nevermind.

Sola Rola: An original title, Sola Rola is a fun mixture of puzzle and action elements in which users control two blobby heroes – Wiz and Waz – as they attempt to save the universe by manipulating shapes. Spanning 25 stages, Sola Rola is crammed with puzzles and uses a unique physics system in which objects and characters can be scaled, tilted and used to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles on offer.

Championship Manager 2008: Released to coincide with the PC version of the game, the mobile version of Championship Manager 2008 is a fully featured game of what is rightly regarded as the pioneer of football management titles. Developed by the award-winning Dundee based Dynamo Games, the mobile game features all the tactical acumen and logistics of the PC title, with a simple to navigate menu system and 2D match overlay specifically designed for handsets.

The last two I haven't got much information about. I think it's time to get in touch with Eidos and have a chat about that. 

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