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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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Perhaps one of the strangest game names ever, Eat Electric Death actually made CigDangle say "what the hell?" when I first told him about it. The game is tactical starship combat set in the Weird Worlds universe. I managed to get some art assets a little early. The game isn't slated for release until next year but take a quick peek.



 Eat Electric Death! is a fast and furious boardgame of tactical starship combat for two or more players (allowing for team play). Set in the Weird Worlds universe of computer fame, players will immediately recognize the wide variety of starships and races from the game. Twenty different vessels, from nimble Terran fighters to dreaded Urluquai capital ships are included. Of course it wouldn't be a Weird Worlds game without all types of cool weaponry so expect to see things like nova cannons, micrometorite guns, and the only weapon to be banned in seven galaxies and denounced by the Evil Empire Dedicated to Enslaving The 'Verse, the nefarious particle vortex cannon! (Better stock up on those astro-diapers!) 


All races will have a flavor card so people can get into the proper mindset.



Secret weapons can be drawn before the game and provide unique, typically one time only, weapons.  Since they are randomly drawn this adds to scenario replayability, as player tactics can change depending on who has what secret weapon.



All ships (except for fighters, which use a common card) have a unique data card.  This allows the player to easily track damage and know a vessel's capabilities without needing to look anything up.

[From left to right]

1. Asteroid - this is used as space terrain, blocking line-of-sight between ships and movement.

2. Cardboard Ambassador - Used in a special scenario as a decoy.  In the scenario one player has two decoys and one real ambassador, who he must safeguard.

3. Damage chit - When a ship takes damage a damage marker is drawn from a container which then tells the player what type of damage has been inflicted.  In this example the ship would explode, and the resulting explosion would also damage adjacent ships.

4.  Terran capital ship -  A Terran ship.

5.  Urluquai capital ship - An Urluquai ship.

6.  Zorg fighter - Zorg fighter

7.  Terran fighter - Terran fighter

8.  Shield marker - Used by the player to track a vessel's shield strength.  As the shield is damaged these markers come off their ship.

 As you would expect from the masters of speedy and simple-but not simplistic-gameplay Eat Electric Death! is easily learned and played by gamers of all ages. Forget four hundred page rulebooks and needing a master's degree in speculative starship physics, Digital Eel puts the fun back in space combat! Bookkeeping is a minimum, and involves keeping track of a few counters on your ship's data card. Combat is like shooting wamprats in Beggar's Canyon, with a single die resolution. There's plenty of chrome included with cloaking devices, point defense systems, teleportation, and more. Lots of ships, lots of weapons, and lots of tactical situations to explore. The scenarios are arranged to introduce players to new concepts as they progress, making the learning curve quite gentle.

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