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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 02 October 2007

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I previously read, and wrote about InstaPlay a forthcoming game download service and application from Digital Interactive Systems Corporation (DISCover). I had some further questions and concerns about the software and so with a little help I got some answers from David Ferrigno, the CEO of DISCover. Here's the scoop.

[SG]: I am curious how you will overcome the 'power user' mentality of many PC gamers. Generally, they are more technically savvy and when they want something installed they like to fiddle with where it goes and such.

[DF]:The install process will have the option of being fully automated (for the mass market) OR completely manual for the sophisticated user.  The user will have a choice and complete control on where they want their games installed.

[SG]:PC Gamers also hate installing things and having remnants left behind in the form of empty folders, random files and the most hated remnant of all those Windows registry entries. So will the software ensure that everything is deleted on every install? Will there be some sort of cleaning application that will be integrated?

[DF]: That is a great point!!  And we agree!  We have mastered and patented an auto-install process.  And we do have an easy to use, one-click uninstall for the mass market.  We are currently solving the technical hurdles to integrate a scrubbing feature to clean-up after an uninstall and plan on launching an integrated cleaning solution product next year.

[SG]: Taking the control of installations out of the hands of the user is akin to installing a root kit on someone's PC and letting it install anything. That flies in the face of my security beliefs, how will you ensure that everything that is installed will be safe? I mean that is the total difference between the console and PC, you rarely install anything on the console and it is generally a static environment.

[DF]: We have invested millions of dollars in our Safe Download™ process.  In 2005 we rigorously tested on our My Games™ product and satisfied the high quality testing standards of the labs at HP, Alienware, Sony Vaio and Microsoft.  Our Safe Download™ process is currently installed on over 2 million PC’s made by the above mentioned manufacturers.  We have the advantage of having years of live consumer testing on millions of new PCs before we designed our current InstaPlay™ product.

[SG]: Many gamers will be leery of installing something that has widespread access to install and delete. What kind of precautions are built into the system to prevent it from deleting something other than the content it should be managing.

[DF]: can’t get into the exact technical specifications, but our current delete process has NEVER deleted anything it shouldn’t have. The delete process from our My Games™ application has been improved for the new InstaPlay™ software and we will shortly be adding additional features such as the scrubber described above.

I have several more questions that are awaiting answers from Mr. Ferrigno and they will be posted in part 2, hopefully later this week, if not tomorrow.

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