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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Friday, 30 November 2007



 Man the Towers! Arm your Mobiles!

Tower Defense is now available for mobile devices. Inspired by the concept made popular by leading real- time strategy games, the mobile version developed by Com2us brings you everything you know and love about the original, but adds a whole lot more.

But now they're giving you a chance to win a Nintendo DS or Wii. 



In Story Mode, players progress through ten chapters building Towers and defeating enemies using eight different towers and 116 different monsters. High scores can be posted on the Ranking page to qualify for prizes. Upon successfully completing Story Mode, players unlock Custom Mode in which provides a robust map editor for creating custom maps which may be shared with friends.

Between Nov. 21 and Dec. 16, fans of Tower Defense, now available for AT&T mobile phones, will offer two ways to win prizes including mobile-phone cleaners, a Nintendo DS and a Wii.

Tower Defense fans can get their fix at, where they can play a Web version of the popular game. Players who leave a comment in the "Tips & Reviews" section will be entered to win a Nintendo DS or a mobile-phone cleaner. Logging in and answering a Tower Defense trivia question on the Com2us Web site will also give participants a chance at winning a Wii.

If you have no idea about Tower Defense then check out the shots below and head over to the Com2US website.



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