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Written by Fareed "TurboGoat" Guyot   
Saturday, 08 December 2007


Whether you built your system yourself or bought it off the shelf, there is always that extra part you forgot to order or didn't think you needed when you bought from an online retailer.  Here in the U.S. that usually meant a trip to CompUSA to complete the puzzle.  CompUSA was always the first choice since Best Buy and Radio Shack either didn't have a good selection or the items were too cheaply made.  Now a trip to the computer "hardware store" may become a bit more difficult since CompUSA has announced it will close all its stores following the holiday season.

 In a story here from CNN.com, the owners of the consumer electronics retailer will sell its assets to an affilliate of The Gordon Brothers Group which will slowly sell-off parts of the Dallas-based company including its technical services and online businesses.

The fire sale this holiday season at CompUSA may be reminiscent of last year when the company closed selected stores in a restructuring effort that brought in $440 million in cash.  However that infusion, it seems, cannot save the doomed company this time; which means a trip to the computer "hardware store" just got a little longer.

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