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Home News Cause Some Mischief with Loki in Six Multiplayer Modes
Cause Some Mischief with Loki in Six Multiplayer Modes Print E-mail
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Written by SuperGuido   
Friday, 29 June 2007

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Wow, six multiplayer modes. I like that idea. More games should supply six different types of  multiplayer modes. As a matter of fact maybe that should read all games.

The Loki solo mode makes for a great gaming experience, but there is nothing better than setting off on an adventure with a few friends.

 Join in with Loki’s multiplayer modes, which allow for an incredible variety of adventures on LAN or online.

Up to 6 players can advance through the game.

One-on-one duels (PvP) in a dedicated arena.

2 teams of up to 4 players each fight it out in a dedicated arena.

20 different challenges against some of the game’s monsters – can be played with up to six players.

An online ranking system allows players to see where they stand compared to other players.

Closed mode
Online heroes, used in multiplayer games, can be saved on the Cyanide GameCenter meaning that a network character can be guaranteed not to have been modified locally and then uploaded to the server. This enables "honest" combats for the greater pleasure of all concerned.

 The game should be available any day now as it was slated for a Q2 2007 release. Maybe Loki is already causing mischief. 

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