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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Monday, 26 February 2007


EA announced today that they are developing MySims, the first "Sims" game designed especially for the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms. Video and more after the break.

According to the EA Press Release, "My Sims moves the player to a delightful but disorganized town where – thanks to the easy and unique controls – they can re-shape everything and make it their own. The town is rundown, but the player can make it much more dynamic. Using a selection of building blocks, unique patterns and engaging creativity tools, players can design furniture and appliances, architect new homes and businesses, and re-define the entire MySims landscape!" "As players explore and build up the town, they will get to know dedicated, long-time residents like the always-busy Mayor Rosalyn P. Marshall and Buddy – the mostly-lazy hotel Bellhop. Once things start to look up, they'll meet and choose from a variety of colorful, would-be residents. Will they build a restaurant for Gino Delicioso the Italian Chef, or will they help Ocean Breeze set up his Yoga studio instead?"

MySims will be available for the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms in Autumn 2007. Since both my daughter and my girlfriend are still Animal Crossing addicts, I'm sure it will end up on their Christmas lists!

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