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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 19 October 2007

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WLG 01 We Love Golf! is the latest golf game for the Wii.  Published by Capcom, the game is being developed by Camelot Software Planning, makers of  both the Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf series.

We Love Golf! claims to be a “realistic golfing experience with a fresh new spin incorporating the Wii Remote's unique motion-sensing functionality”.  It would be nice if some game could really do just that: incorporate the Wii Remote into realistic, consistent gameplay.  According to the press release, gamers will choose their club, line up their shot, swing, and draw or fade their shot.

The feature list is as follows:WLG 12

  • Swing Wii Remote like a club
  • 1 to 4 four players
  • True-to-life golf physics
  • Telecast-style visuals
  • Multiple game modes
    • Tournament, character matches, stroke play, closest to the pin, special mini-games
  • Unlockable playable characters, courses and extras
  • Multiple courses
  • Several different playable characters with selectable costumes

The Wii versions of Tiger Woods have left consumers flat; although they are beautiful, and include many details of a round of golf, the swing mechanism has left something to be desired.  The other golf games for the Wii, particularly the one included with Wii Sports, have left some to be desired.

WLG 11
WLG 14 WLG 13

Generally, I like a more Tiger Woods like experience in my golf games, and this game looks a bit more, surreal.  But if the game plays well, really taking advantage of the Wii Remote, I’ll be first in line.  I hope We Love Golf! is virtual golfers’ answer to a good Wii golf videogame.


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