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Yarr, It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day Print E-mail
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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Friday, 19 September 2008

Yarr, What better way to forgo correct grammar and the likes than with Talk Like a Pirate Day?

 Me Chums over at Flying Labs touched me noggin' to remind me what day it be.  'Course, They never seem to have a memory problem since their prized treasure is the official video game of Talk Like A Pirate Day.  That be right me matey, Pirate of the Burning Sea be what I am jabberin' about.  For ye scallywags that don't know what the jib is all about, here be some tips to help ye along.

Pirate Saying:                        Translation:Arrrr!                                      Interject as much as possible!Ahoy!                                      Hello!       Booty                                       TreasureCap’n                                      CaptainFair Winds!                             Good luck!           Godspeed!                               Good bye, good luck! Me Hearties!                           Pirate’s CrewPillage                                     To rob or plunderSail ho!                                    To see a ship!Salt                                          Veteran sailorShiver me timbers!                 Yikes!Sink me!                                  Said in surpriseSwab                                       To clean something Phrases:Don’t maroon ye matey, join me for Talk Like A Pirate Day!Avoid mutiny, talk like a pirate!Don’t be a poop deck, talk like a pirate!A rose, it be red, a pirate be rank, talk like a pirate, or ye'll be walking the plank. Pick-up Lines:You be the Cap’n of me heart. Scurvy is just fancy talk for sexified.Nice sea legs!
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