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Written by Fareed "TurboGoat" Guyot   
Thursday, 18 October 2007

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Its true, World of Warcraft has become so impactful on our culture that public radio has taken the time to report on the phenomena.  Public Radio was once termed by writer and regular public radio contributor Sarah Vowell as "Montessori for adults" for its occasional tendency to feed news to its listeners as though they were pieces of hot dog on a toddler's plate.  Recently, WoW has transcended the gamer world in such a way that it begs the question:  Is your life worth changing for WoW?

In 2000, Fat Boy Slim was ruling the charts with Praise You which featured a sample from the original song Take Yo' Praise that was recorded in the 1970s.  National Public Radio interviewed Camille Yarbrough the original singer featured in the Fat Boy Slim song on one of its news programs; the host bemusedly peppering Ms. Yarbrough with questions on why Fat Boy employed her song.   While Public Radio in general is not a "Turn that crap down" kind of crowd, they do tend to look at the world with detached amazement.

World of Warcraft was featured on the October 18th, 2007 version of NPR's mid-day news magazine Day to Day.  Reporter Celeste Headlee, a WoW player herself, talks about how a sometimes violent video game has become an influential and unlikely challenger to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

 Click here to listen to Ms. Headlee's Story

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