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Monday, 01 October 2007


The contestants wrote it, the judges voted.

It's time for find out who the winner is in the first ever

 GamerPrime vs IT

 Generation: Gamerz & It Came From Lake Michigan Videogame to Film Adaptation Contest.

(whew, next time we will make a shorter contest name)

So without further ado, the award goes to... 

But first a word from our sponsor... (You know I have to build up the suspense right? It's in my contract.)

Hey did you know that Mark Borchardt, Uwe Boll and a host of others will be present at the 2007 It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival ? It's true! Check out the website for more details. Generation: Gamerz is proud to be the gaming sponsor of the 2007 film festival. See you there!

 Now on to the winner!

Hailing from the East Coast of the USA, her winning entry told a tale of adventure, intrigue and emotion. It scored high enough to beat out Splatterhouse, Manhunt and Smash TV in the final round and it features a princess and a young warrior struggling to survive their harsh reality. The story is based on one of the most popular videogame series of all time.

Congratulations Alison Richards!  

Ms. Richards' treatment of The Legend of Zelda has won her the grand prize in the first ever Generation: Gamerz & It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival Videogame to Film Adaptation Contest!

(whew I hope I don't have to type all of that again. Damn SuperGuido and his contest naming) 

The Grand Prize includes ***: 

  • Full event passes for two (will include the Gala party if over 21)
  • 2 Event T-Shirts signed by some of the guests of ICFLM
  • Generation: Gamerz T-shirt
  • Award ceremony including presentation on stage with Mr. Uwe Boll and Mr. Borchardt*
  • Lunch with Mr. Boll and Mr. Borchardt**
* ICFLM and Generation: Gamerz , LLC. cannot guarantee Mr. Boll's or Mr. Borchardt's appearances due to acts of God or Business demands. These are busy people!

** Lunch at local Milwaukee-area business.

*** Winner need not be present at ICFLM film festival to obtain prize package.


Here is Alison's winning entry:

 Major Characters: Zelda (15), Link (15), Ganon (late 20’s).

 Setting: Kingdom of Hyrule.  Locations include: Kokiri Forest; Hyrule Castle; Hyrule Marketplace; Hyrule Field; Temple of Time; Great Fairy Fountain; Death Mountain; Ganon’s Castle.

 Storyline: There is a young Kokiri (Elf type) in the forest who has been haunted by nightmares, ones of a beautiful princess on horseback riding away from a castle, being chased by an evil man in black armor.  The evil man stops upon seeing the Kokiri, unsheathes his sword and attacks, and then the world goes black. 

The Kokiri, Link, has been haunted by these dreams for months, and talks about them with his best friend, Saria, and the Great Deku Tree.  Neither understands them or what they mean.  Then, a day comes where the Great Deku Tree can feel the ground itself crying out in pain, and it speaks with Link, telling the boy that he believes his nightmares are really a warning of bad times to come, and he must go to the castle to warn the King.

Meanwhile, the King of Hyrule is dying. He talks to his advisor, Ganon, about guiding Zelda into being a just ruler.  Ganon, however, has other plans.  He is currently in possession of the Triforce of Power, one of the three pieces of a gift left to Hyrule by the goddesses that created the world, and whoever has all three pieces at once can control the world.  Ganon is also aware that Zelda holds the Triforce of Wisdom.  All that is missing is the Triforce of Courage.

Link arrives at the castle and sees Zelda, and recognizes her from the nightmare.  Zelda has also been having the same nightmare.  As they talk, the bells of the castle suddenly go off – the King is dead.  Night falls, and it is then that Link’s nightmare comes true.  The evil man is really Ganon, and Link is unarmed and beaten easily to near death.  Ganon then takes off after Zelda.

Link awakes in the village, an old rancher having found him and patched him up best he could.  He tells Link about a place hidden past the waterways of the graveyard which legend says a great fairy lives that could heal anyone.  Link makes the journey, and is about to collapse as he enters the fountain.  There, the Great Fairy not only heals him, but tells Link that he has been chosen to help save the world.  She tells him about what he needs to do, and assigns one of her fairies, Navi, to guide him.

From the guidance of the fairies, Link first travels to the Temple of Time, where he has to make his way through and prove his worth to the guardians there.   The trials are to help him gain power, magic, and most importantly self confidence as to make him ready for the battle.  When he accomplishes this, he is given the Great Sword (the legendary sword of Hyrule), and then travels across the land towards Death Mountain to fight Ganon once more. 

As he is about to enter the castle, he is visited by a vision of an old friend, Saria.  She reveals that she is a sage of the world, and many of the other people he met along the way were also sages in disguise, sent to help him.  She tells Link the reason he was chosen: Link is the Triforce of Courage, made into flesh by the sages and the Great Deku tree 15 years ago so that the Triforce would be safe, and Hyrule would have a hero in their time of need.

After making his way through the castle’s defenses, Link finds Ganon only to discover that he has Zelda trapped in a magical force field and plans to use her as a way to open a gateway into the dark realms for power. Ganon remembers the boy from the castle, and now can feel the spirit of the Triforce in Link now that he is powerful.  Ganon thinks that if he kills Link, he will have all three pieces at his command.  They fight, and after a long battle, Link is the victor when he shoots an arrow of pure light through Ganon’s heart, banishing his soul into the realm of darkness.

Zelda returns to Hyrule Castle to take her place as ruler, having both the Triforce of Power and of Wisdom in her possession.  She also has Link at her side as protector and friend, making the Triforce in Hyrule complete and peace is restored to the kingdom… for now.

Congratulations Again Alison!  

From everyone at Generation: Gamerz and the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival thank you all for entering and visiting. We enjoyed reading all the entries and we hope you enjoyed reading them.

Finally, keep an eye out for our next contest here at Generation: Gamerz which should be happening soon. 

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