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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Wednesday, 18 October 2006

The Federation of American Scientists has called for digital educational games to "reshape how students learn and workers are trained for 21st century jobs".

According to an article published by the Cincinati Enquirer, the "FAS is saying the federal Departments of Education and Labor in particular could advance this initiative by funding basic research into which gaming features are most important for acquiring complex skills and how to assess if such games are better preparing students. It will require public start-up help."

The idea is getting support from sources not usually associated with the electronic media. John Pepper, the CEO of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (a museum in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio based on the history of the Underground Railroad) and a member of Disney's board of directors, stated that the Freedom Center was exploring video games as a possible new source of revenue.

The article continues saying, "Part of the challenge will be to aggregate scattered school districts, colleges and employers into bigger markets. Some have proposed a federally subsidized Corporation for Public Gaming."

Undoubtedly, the idea will generate a good amount of criticism from tradionalists, but the new generation of teachers and parents have already recognized what a powerful teaching tool video games can be.

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