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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 21 June 2007


I love when I see cross-media influence of gaming on people. Especially when it is shown in a positive light, which we could always use for both the gamers and the industry as a whole. Well here is some shining positive light up on the silver screen.

Autism, gaming and a film about it all. Check out Ben X which features the game Archlord in its first full cinematic debut in a film inspired by real life events. BenX is a film motivated by a young man’s struggle with Autism and his fight to overcome the attitude of others in modern day society. Following on from the book, which sold many thousands of copies and a theatre production which was extensively featured across the Benelux region, BenX draws on the lead characters experiences in his early childhood as he fights against the stigma attached to Autism.

"Ben X is a story about young people living in a digital age. The story is based on true events and digs deeply into the day to day reality of adolescents and their parents in a rapidly changing society, commented Peter Bouckaert, Producer for BenX.

The film is visually stunning using actual scenes from the ArchLord video game mixed with live action sequences resulting in a fusion of reality meets virtual world." Adam McGowan, Product Marketing Manager for ArchLord commented "BenX is a huge production, both surprising and hard hitting and one of the first to feature in-game content from the Massively Multiplayer genre. Featuring many scenes cut directly from in-game footage, this is a huge achievement for both Codemasters Online Gaming and MMG Film Production."

Written and directed by Nic Balthazar, BenX is produced by the movie powerhouse, MMG and set for release in October 2007.

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