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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Saturday, 18 October 2008

I've been watching Aquarion, Witchblad and Air Gear this week.

 So I have finally finished watching the series of Aquarion.  I really felt it was a great blend of mech fighting and human growth.  The characters have really changed, twisted and developed nicely by the end of the series.  The storyline itself has dramatic twists and romantic plots; I even found myself shedding a tear or two of joy when a few characters let their defenses down and found each others arms .  The unlikely hero became strong not only from his strength but by learning that the strength of others needed to be added to his own to become unbreakable.  It felt like each episode has its own life lesson for the audience to learn alongside the characters.  Like I said, the twists and turns are strong near the end and I just could not believe how the series finished off.  I recommend Aquarionfor those who want to see mech battles, love stories, unique powers and some Heaven vs Earth battles.

Also, I am knee deep in Witchbladeat the moment.  I find myself struggling to describe the plot of Witchblade.  A gauntlet of power transforms a buxom beauty into a scantly clad buxom beauty with immense power and a hunger to destroy those who have obtained a fake power similar to her own.  Battling not only the impostor but also the monster within she fights to keep her only daughter safe and comfortable.  Yet, there are secrets even her employer is keeping from her.  Secrets about her powers, about her daughter and secrets that the viewers have not even seen yet.  All this and I have not gotten too far into the series.  However I cannot wait to view the next two discs to see this large chested lady release her rage and destroy her opponents.  Hey, it is something a guy just likes to watch!

Finally, I have been watching to the late hours of the night episodes of Air Gear.  Think high speed races on high powered roller skates combined with superb tricks, a few moments of fan service and what are described as powers but what seem to be just high levels of skills.  Our main character Ikki has a natural talent for AT, the skating devices in this series.  After just skating for two months his skill level has risen so high other skaters, know as stormriders, are beginning to suspect that he could make it to the top and become one of eight high level skaters known as a king.  It is Ikki's goal to just soar high in the air while performing tricks of great magnitude which is why everyone believes he will become the Sky King.  There is no magic, no super powers in this series; Just great skill and fast moving tricks.  A series like this is so well done it has pulled me away from my normal genre and left me absorbed into the world of air treks.  Of course, the occasional fan service is nice, even if I am not used to it.  (Look up “fan service + anime” to find out about it.)  What can I say, Air Gearis a great combination of tricks and chicks.  I will definitely keep watching to see if Ikki can make it to the top!

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