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Saturday Morning Cartoons Late Jan/Early Feb 2008 Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Friday, 25 January 2008


It's the return of Saturday Morning Cartoons! Since the releases are trickling out and the companies are not willing to return emails, which I find somewhat unprofessional, I thought I would start doing this bi-weekly or maybe monthly. We will see how it goes. Anyway, bust open the toaster strudel, call up MIkey to share a box of Life, grab a pitcher of Aunt Nellie's and sit your butt down on the couch.

As always, I like to start with a word from VIZ Media, one of the leaders in anime and manga. This week they had a rather special announcement - NARUTO Uncut, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH are now available for digital download from Amazon Unbox, Amazon’s digital video download service. Amazon Unbox offers customers thousands of television shows, movies and other innovative video content from numerous studio and network partners from Hollywood and around the world. You can browse some of the episdoes below.

NARUTO Uncut, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH are available now with episodes costing $1.99 each. NARUTO Uncut initially features episodes 1-25 dubbed, DEATH NOTE features the full series dubbed, and BLEACH features episodes 1-25 dubbed. To further add to the excitement of the launch of VIZ Media titles on Amazon Unbox, one free episode from each of the available properties; NARUTO Uncut, DEATH NOTE, and BLEACH is being offered on through January 31, 2008. All three are rated T for Teens

In other news from VIZ they have a few non-Unbox things popping up as well this coming week


Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 1 (VIZBIG Edition) 1/29/2008

Anime (DVD): 

Naruto, Vol. 20 (DVD) 1/29/2008
Ranma 1/2 Season 5: Martial Mayhem Slimpak (2008 Edition) (DVD Box Set) 1/29/2008

That's all from them for January. They haven't posted the February release schedule yet but I am guessing that nothing else is coming until the following week. 


ADV Films has a short "New Release" section right now as well. Only 8 titles it looks like.

New Releases


Burn Up/Plastic Little

Double Pack



Perfect Score Collection


Complete Collection


Complete Collection



Complete Collection



Complete Collection


Gravion Zwei

Thinpack Collection


Shadow Skill

Complete Collection

A new addition to the SMC (sounds like a new TV show) is I contacted them this week about getting timely information. I found out they distribute both on DVD and digitally via Unbox. You can find their stuff at local retailers and online at - DVDs

Additionally, here are some of Amazon's latest animation releases, in this nifty video box.

I did the research on the Unbox videos. You can use the Unbox video player which is a free download from Amazon. You can use the videos on your TiVo if you have one. You can also use them on a host of portable media players, here is the Compatible Devices list.

Amazon of course suggests the Creative Zen Vision

Tak Čau!

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 January 2008 )

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