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Saturday Morning Cartoons 3 Nov - 9 Nov 2007 Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Friday, 02 November 2007

As many cartoons crossover to or from video games I thought it would be interesting to have a section highlighting the upcoming week's new releases from the major publishers. Of  course I had to call it Saturday Morning Cartoons!


So pour yourselves a bowl of Capt'n Crunch spread some jam on some toast and make a big glass of strawberry Nestle Quik, the show is about to start.

I have linked to Amazon when possible because they generally have the best prices and the most information. The Viz stuff you can generally buy online and in most retailers including comic, dvd and book shops. 

VIZ remains the leader in new Anime and Manga with a huge release this week. In the interest of time and energy I am just giving you a list of the manga available this Tuesday.

Baby & Me, Vol. 5 11/6/2007
Black Cat, Vol. 11 11/6/2007
D.Gray-man, Vol. 7 11/6/2007
Gin Tama, Vol. 3 11/6/2007
Godchild, Vol. 7 11/6/2007
Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 17 11/6/2007
Kaze Hikaru, Vol. 7 11/6/2007
Kurohime, Vol. 2 11/6/2007
Love*Com, Vol. 3 11/6/2007
Naruto, Vol. 22 11/6/2007
Naruto, Vol. 23 11/6/2007
Naruto, Vol. 24 11/6/2007
One Piece, Vol. 16 11/6/2007
S.A, Vol. 1 11/6/2007
Skip Beat!, Vol. 9 11/6/2007
The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 22 11/6/2007
Ultimate Muscle, Vol. 18 11/6/2007
Yu-Gi-Oh!: GX, Vol. 1


From the vaults of Academy Award-winning director Hayao Miyazaki! Original watercolor illustrations used as concept sketches for both the manga and film versions of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:. Take a peek behind the curtain to see the creative process of the most acclaimed anime director in the world today. This full-color, oversized hardcover book also includes Miyazaki's earliest sketches that eventually became the basis for some of the most beloved anime movies of the past 20 years.

This is also a big month for Shonen Jump, the monthly manga magazine from VIZ. The December 2007 issue will run a hefty 416 pages and is expected to hit retails shelves nationally on November 6. Among other the notable content, the issue will offer the conclusion of the epic Yu-Gi-Oh! saga, which raised generations of Duelists and has dominated the trading card world. SHONEN JUMP also interviews YU-GI-OH! creator Kazuki Takahashi and gives a retrospective on the impact and history of the internationally loved manga. However, fans needn’t despair because YU-GI-OH! GX will continue its popular ongoing run in the magazine.

Also included will be a sneak preview of Takehiko Inoue’s influential and long-awaited basketball manga series, SLAM DUNK. The critically acclaimed series has sold over 100 million copies in Japan and is a winner of the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award. Catch all the on- and off-court action of the entire first chapter, which is featured in full color in this issue.

Rated T for Teen

And finally VIZ is releasing one video this week:


Naruto, Vol. 17 (DVD)

Zero Hour!

It's the battle everyone's been waiting for: Sasuke versus Gaara! With a few new tricks up his sleeve, Sasuke takes on the ninja no one, not even Naruto, thinks he can beat. But then a sinister plan is put into motion, and the Hidden Leaf Village finds itself under attack.

  • Episode 65:
  • Dancing Leaf, Squirming Sand
  • Episode 66:
  • Bushy Brow's Jutsu: Sasuke Style!
  • Episode 67:
  • Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! The Ultimate Secret Technique Is Born!
  • Episode 68:
  • Zero Hour! The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins!

North American edited TV version
Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired

Rated T for Teen

 Namco Bandai still hasn't got anything for us this week. In the last 5 months they haven't released much of anything and I am starting to think they won't until Christmas if at all.

  But if you want to see what they have just head over to their site .

ADV Films, who I forgot to mention last week, has a totally different approach to marketing their products. They simply don't tell you when they are coming. Though they did have a big announcement for new releases for 18. December which is a long way off and cutting it quite close to Christmas, don't you think? Well if you head over to the ADV Shop you can find what you're looking for, but with no actual new release list to speak of I unfortunately cannot tell you what is new. But I will get in contact with them about it and see if I can get a weekly release list.

Amazon, the center of all that is...well sellable, has a nice listing of what is coming and I pulled what I could for this week that pertained to cartoons and such. Your best bet is to go and search through that hundreds of things for what you want, until I find a way to get a feed built into this article. In anime and manga alone there are 21 releases this coming week on DVD alone (not really manga then is it Amazon?) and more than 50 video releases dealing with animation including the A Pink Christmas (the Pink Panther) and a big Beetle Bailey collection among other things.

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