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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Comcast has announced that G4 will cease operations because they don't know how to market the channel to gamers. Gamers say "It's about time!"

I could have given them some hints on marketing it. For example, how about having shows related to gaming. I mean if you want to attract gamers to the channel you need to actually have some content we want to see.

Apparently they thought this was a bad idea and so they decided that paid advertising and other shows, not related to gaming, would bring gamers into the fold.

Yeah, I would often set my DVR to catch the latest batch of RonCo infomercials because I just couldn't get enough of it. I mean why would I want to actually see shows based on video games on a television network proclaiming itself to be about video games when I could instead be learning about the Roto-Rooter and why I need it and its fifty attachments!

Get a clue. The gaming industry sales numbers are the highest they've ever been and these jokers can't manage to get a channel working right that caters to the people spending all that money?

Maybe they should team up with EA and get some product placement deals. That would save all of us the hassle of having to boycott new EA games with the built-in spyware.

I was never a big fan of G4 so I don't mourn its loss. But it was a good idea that I think they just failed to work it into something useful. I blame this on their inability to find out what gamers really wanted and how to execute that plan. Hell, if you go to their website you can see what I mean. The main viewing panel of the site is less than 30% gaming related. There's Star Trek, Jamie Kennedy ads and the DailyNut.

What the hell is the DailyNut? It sounds sort of perverted to me. What do Daily and Nut have to do with the best of the Internet? Hell even Net-N-Nut sounds better, as in the Internet in a Nutshell. But of course that might get them in trouble with O'Reilly publishing though you can't copyright the title of a work.

I can think of some things they should have done to target us.

1) Take on the GameLife guys for a weekly show. They could all use the airtime and probably crank out a bi-weekly program with a limited budget and still remain true to their roots. Keep it up guys!

2) Get real gamers to host the shows so that when they talk about games they sound at least knowledgeable on the topic. Ok so we're not always the most photogenic people, take Adam Sessler for example, but at least we would know what the hell we're talking about now wouldn't we? (BTW I always found Adam Sessler to be great comic relief for the shows).

3) Instead of showing old played out Star Trek and crappy eyecandy shows starring Tiffani-Amber Thiessen replace them with gaming shows. Granted we all like a little eye candy now and again, but come on. The shows aren't even tangentially related to gaming. I mean it's like a six degrees of separation thing here. Ok so take #2 and #3 and combine them, her and I will talk about video games...especially if she stays in that pose for the whole discussion...

Man wouldn't THAT be a gaming show!

Here's an idea for a show. Take clueless Hollywood and rock stars and introduce them to some games. Hell let them play for their favorite charities or whatever they want to do. Of course you put them up against regular gamers at times and other stars who are gamers and see how they do. It might be quite entertaining really.

How about "Import This!" A show that focuses on what games are new around the world and different from the main viewing audience which is mostly American. I think it would be cool to see some of the games that are making waves in other regions of the world but will never see the light of day in America. It could be a great cross-cultural section of the channel as well as a sales boost for online game sellers and the like. Action Replay would probably have been more than happy to sponsor the damn show themselves along with some of the advertisers we have here.

With the vast array of games, gaming consoles and people involved in the industry I am just amazed that they couldn't make this concept into a viable viewing option for the millions of gaming fans across the planet.

It is better that it dies than continues to limp on. I am glad they are putting it out of its misery.

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