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Moral Kombat To Be Shown at VGXPO November 3rd Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Wednesday, 03 October 2007

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Moral Kombat, the first high definition feature-length documentary, will be shown at VGXPO on November 3rd in Philadelphia.  In January, we discussed the film in brief , and posted the then newly released trailer.

Spencer Halpin, the film’s director, is excited to show Moral Kombat at America's Videogame Expo. “I'm really pleased to screen the movie at VGXPO, and I envision us having a panel discussion with participants from the documentary debating the matter thoroughly.  The interviewees were so thoughtful and passionate about their perspectives that we just didn't have time to include as much of the dialogue in the final product as I would have liked, which gave me the idea of holding panel discussions; allowing the film to jump to life and the audience to engage in the debate.”

The latest press release describes Moral Kombat as "a probative work that examines interactive entertainment as a medium and seeks to objectively portray the debate in a fair and poignant fashion. It blends masterfully-imposed in-game action and cinematics with compelling testimony from leading figures from the video game industry, legislators, activists and others central to the matter. Though the film itself is not intended to be controversial, it has struck such a chord from those who are pro and anti-games."

I am hoping the film will be released in nationwide as I am unable to attend the VGXPO.  If it does, you can be sure to see a review of the film here.

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