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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Monday, 04 June 2007


I wanna go Back in Tiii-iiiimmee! Or at least to the Back in Time Live music event Friday 22nd June which is a C64 remix event at the Spitz Bistro in Spitalfields Market, Bishopsgate. That would be England mates. The event will feature 6 live acts consisting of former C64 music composers, SIDstation masters, DJs, comedians and more...

Jeroen Tel (Maniacs of Noise), famed C64 composer (Cybernoid, Turbo Outrun, Savage) and well-known European VJ with old school chip music fused with nail-hard beats!

Reyn Ouwehand (Maniacs of Noise), composer of "Last Ninja 3" (amongst others) gives a tour-de-force of live performance, playing C64 remixes on organ, bass, drum and keyboard: all by himself! Reyn is also launching his new CD "The Blithe, the Blend and the Bizarre", which is topped off by amazing Gilliam-esque artwork.

Seth "8-bit Weapon" Sternberger, all the way from LA, playing his SIDstation and Gameboy and demonstrating his unique blend of chipsounds and diverse rhythms.

ComputeHer, also from LA, demonstrating her old-skool original sound...

Disco Danceaway, fusing funk and disco beats to C64 SIDs in the name of all that is funky...

and a guest appearance from MJ Hibbett, author of "Hey Hey 16K", "The Gay Train/Lesson of the Smiths" and many more, performing his new hit: "Hey Hey 64K"

Also appearing... comedienne and star of the "8-Bit Sandwich" video podcast, Anna Black.

In addition, there will be humorous C64 breakdance, air guitar and interpretive dance contests: and, we hope, no injuries!

In common with other Back in Time Live events, there is a "minimal nerdity" undertaking by the organisers, who promise maximal fun, great music, and a great time you'll probably remember for years.

I must have been trapped in a time loop for the last few years because I have personally never heard of this event. Of course I was an Amiga fanboy way back when so it's no surprise.

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