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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

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So there is a viral marketing campaign ongoing for Halo 3. Bungie has called it a spiral campaign. Those of you that don`t know can catch up with the following links:


Bungie Forum posts by Adjutant Reflex an unknown entity

The Society of the Ancients dedicated to solving the mystery of the ancient visitors to the planet Earth.

Transmission Log Countdown to next phase. The next phase is unknown but from the looks of things it will be June 21, 2007. Coincidentally that is our 1 year anniversary, how kind of them.

Here`s my theory. It will turn out that the Ancients arrived in pre-historic times on Earth to begin the guided evolution of the species so that one day the human race would be able to rise up and save the galaxy from the eternal enemy. They possibly implanted some specific genetic coding within the species to help push its evolution without continuous attention, so that the species would be ready in time for the final battle. DNA is a double helix structure that `spirals,` which could be the clue dropped by the Bungie people. Essentially it will turn out that humans are the pet project (or more politely `children`) of the ancients bred and designed for the sole purpose of defeating the enemy.

The final battle will be in Halo 3. I believe this story will be revealed in time or in the Halo 3 game itself. But remember, you read it here first!

Note: The Transmission Log IP belongs to Microsoft. A quick scan of other IPs revealed XNA creators club, Rare and Bungie all in the same C class along with a host of other games like Fable, Conker and Rise of Nations.

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