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Goozex Brings in Spring with a Bang! Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008


We are friends with Goozex because they have made game trading a balanced equation finally. They made it worth doing and you needn't head into any of the brick and mortar shops nowadays if you don't want to. Plus the rates for trades and prices of games are better. So I was extremely excited when they announced their April promotion. 

GoozexGoozex announced that it will grant a bonus 100 points immediately to new members who join Goozex in April. The signup bonus is enough to receive any available 100 point valued game on Goozex for free. New members will be able to experience the benefits of Goozex membership such as saving money on video games, participating in a vibrant gaming community, and utilizing a variety of different tools to showcase their gaming personalities. Over 14.2 million Goozex points were exchanged between members in 2007.

New members simply need to register with Goozex and activate their account to receive the free 100 Goozex points. After joining, members can search and request the nearly 4,500 titles available at that point price and the Goozex game trading system will match their requests. New members can start receiving games in a matter of days depending on the supply and demand of titles.

“This free game promotion is our way of introducing gamers who haven’t yet experienced what Goozex is all about,” said Jonathan Dugan, COO and co-founder of Goozex. Jonathan continued, “Goozex has become a great meeting place for gamers to save money and share their gaming experiences. In tough economic times, providing access to thousands of video games at low cost is a helpful service we can provide. And if nothing else, new members can get a free game.”

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