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Iím a "Fast Food" Gamer Print E-mail
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Written by TurboGoat   
Friday, 11 August 2006


I admit it, I’m a Fast Food Gamer. If you told me that the new Safecracker was recently released I would say “Safecracker? What’s that about?” Unreal Tournament, never heard of it before the 2004 version came out. Oh, and yes, I’ve never played Doom which in my recollection was one of the first “First-Person” shooting games.

Yes, I’m that guy who would come over to your house when you were a kid and play your games because you had the best video game system or the only system in the neighborhood. I’m that guy you had to teach how to play your favorite game so that you could annihilate me once we played 2-player. Fun, but I wouldn’t be much of a challenge like a true video game adversary. Yeah, I’m that guy you invite to the LAN party because you are looking to fill a few spots, but he doesn’t have a computer.

It’s frustrating to have a friend who is a Fast Food Gamer, because he doesn’t know Battlefield 1942 from Commando. You want to tell him about the great graphics on Microsoft Flight Simulator X which you think is a safe bet since he is a professional pilot, but no…he’s a Fast Food Gamer. He would rather continue to eat the french fried goodness of Medal of Honor when there is the much more savory sour cream and basil garnished whipped potato called Call of Duty or is it Call To Duty?

Online gaming is the antidote to your neighborhood gamer noob, your LAN party lameass, your MAME 32 devotee. At least online you can find gamers who have your level of enthusiasm and ability. But, just remember. If you get tired of getting your ass kicked where the big dogs eat, get tired of the Aimbots and the Hacks, you can get your confidence back.

Just invite a Fast Food Gamer to lunch.

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