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Generation: Gamerzís 1st Birthday Treasure Hunt Contest Uncovered Print E-mail
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Written by SuperGuido   
Friday, 22 June 2007

Generation: Gamerz' 1st Birthday Treasure Hunt Contest Uncovered Milwaukee, WI, June 25, 2007 - Generation: Gamerz (http://www.generationgamerz.com) has announces their 1st Birthday Treasure Hunt Contest!

To celebrate a year of GenerationGamerz.Com the website is giving away prizes including a spectacular Grand Prize, a Nintendo Wii Game Console! "The Nintendo Wii Game Console is just the beginning," says Generation: Gamerz Business Manager Christophor Rick, "We are happy to welcome Iron Realms and Alten8 as sponsors of this contest. I just wish we could get everyone some cake."

Generation: Gamerz' 1st Birthday Treasure Hunt Contest, which runs until August 1, asks entrants to scour the website forums and articles following a trail of clues to find a 'Magic Word' for each of three stages. "We wanted to give something back to the gamerz," says Generation: Gamerz General Manager and Founder Thomas Balistreri, "and make sure you use the Z." The "z" in Gamerz comes from the fact that they were unable to purchase the domain name with an "s" in the beginning, "Now we have the 's' but we don't care to change it," says Mr. Balistreri, "the 's' or 'z' doesn't matter, we will always speak our minds."

Since launch, the Nintendo Wii Game Console has sold millions of units and has Nintendo topping sales charts across the planet. "The decision to give away the Wii was simple," Mr. Rick says, "it seems to be the hottest console on the market and people want them." Iron Realms Entertainment (http://www.ironrealms.com ) is sweetening the prize pot with $300 in game credits for their range of online games and Alten8 (http://www.alten8.com ) has thrown in 10 PC titles.

Contestants must sign-up for a free account on the Generation: Gamerz website and begin to hunt down the answers and follow the trail. Before the end of each stage they must submit the answers via the website. The first stage of the contest runs until July 4, 2007, the second stage will run until July 14, 2007 with the third stage finishing July 25, 2007. "We wanted to give everyone a chance to win this contest so we are giving everyone 10 days per stage," says Mr. Balistreri, "the winner will then be announced August 1, 2007." More details about the contest can be found at http://www.generationgamerz.com

About Generation: Gamerz Generation:

Gamerz is an online media outlet, dedicated to video game culture and industry coverage across all platforms with news, reviews, interviews, and additional unique content written by their dedicated staff. They focus on content created by gamers, for gamers. For more information, visit them at http://www.generationgamerz.com .

About Alten8:

Alten8 is a privately owned, totally self financed company, which has grown massively in a short space of time, because of the excellent profit sharing deals it is willing to do with its partner companies. Alten8 develops, publishes and distributes video games of both 'retro' and new intellectual property licenses. For more information, visit them at http://www.alten8.com .

About Iron Realms Entertainment:

Iron Realms Entertainment is an independent developer of both text and graphical MMORPGs with a ten-year history of successfully producing games beloved by players around the world. For more information, visit them at http://www.ironrealms.com .

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