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Pelican PS2/PS3 Adapter - Review Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Tuesday, 15 May 2007

[PS2] [PS3] [Review]

Pelican PS3 AdapterPelican recently released their PS2 Controller Adapter for the PlayStation 3. The device connects to a USB port on the PlayStation 3, allowing users to utilize old PS2 controllers with their new system. Although usually not a concern, users with specialty controllers, particularly the guitar controller used with Guitar Hero 1 and 2 have waited for this product for some time.

The first thing one will most likely notice is the device has a switch to change modes: one for regular and one for Guitar Hero 2. All games utilize regular with the exception of GH2. In addition, Guitar Hero 2 mode has three control setting indicated by lights that correspond to fret buttons on the guitar controller. To switch between modes, press the Start button and one of the fret buttons. Green mode is for navigating menus. Red mode is for right-handed play during songs, while Yellow is for left-handed play.

The unit also has a PS button (like all PlayStation 3 controllers do) to initialize the connection to the console, and 4 LEDs to display which controller port on the PlayStation 3 it is connected to (also like all other PlayStation 3 controllers).

Allows problem-free use of PS2 controllers on a PlayStation 3 for PS2 or PS3 games
  * Saves from spending $50 on additional controllers that may see little use
  * Guitar Hero works prefectly including tilt for Star Power


Guitar Hero 2 works for crap. When switching to GH2 mode, the menu controls work fine, but during play (we tested both left and right handed play), things start to get a little screwy.

  * Fret buttons only work/light up on screen when playing a note (when hitting the strum button at the same time), meaning power-ons and hammer-offs don't work

  * Tilt does not work for Star Power - you have to press the select button.Although these items are listed in the manual (not on Pelican's website), you can't read the manual before opening. Still, assuming you could deal with these nuances, the real problem is playing. Approximately 10-20% of the notes played (our tester is an avid Guitar Hero player) did not register.

Simply put, the Pelican adapter isn't a bad product , its just not a great product. It works well for most items, and if you don't own Guitar Hero 2, its a great purchase. But if you are a Guitar Hero 2 junkie, don't sell your PS2 just yet.

Thanks to Lone for the research and write up!

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 August 2007 )

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