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Written by CigDangle   
Friday, 04 May 2007

[OpEd] [PS3] [X360] [Wii]  

You knew it was coming, after all they've done it before: the Transformers game. But that's just it: its been done before, as recently as three years ago, in fact. So why make another one, besides the obivous movie tie-in = money formula? Because we can finally do the franchise justice. The first Transformers game was on the NES. If the picture shown is what you think of when someone says, Transformers, then go no further. But if the few games released have always disappointed you, then check out the trailer after the break.

Coming to all consoles, including handhelds and the PS2 - the game looks pretty damn good. Lets hope it actually pans out that way.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 June 2007 )

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