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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Saturday, 10 November 2007

As many cartoons crossover to or from video games I thought it would be interesting to have a section highlighting the upcoming week's new releases from the major publishers. Of  course I had to call it Saturday Morning Cartoons!


So pour yourselves a bowl of Capt'n Crunch spread some jam on some toast and make a big glass of strawberry Nestle Quik, the show is about to start.

Upcoming Releases for 10-16 November 2007 

I have linked to Amazon when possible because they generally have the best prices and the most information. The Viz stuff you can generally buy online and in most retailers including comic, dvd and book shops. 

VIZ remains the leader in new Anime and Manga with 6 releases this week (Tuesday). 

Basara, Vol. 25

Sarasa has led her army to victory, faced down King Ukon, and won the hearts and minds of her people. Now, in the final hours of battle, her actions--and Shuri's--will decide Japan's ultimate fate. Sarasa began her quest in Tatara's shadow. The time has come for her to step into the light, speak her real name, and accept her true destiny as the woman who will lead Japan into a new age of peace and freedom!


Firefighter!: Daigo of Fire Company M, Vol. 20

Final Volume!

Fighting time and the elements, Daigo succeeds in getting Ms. Ochiai out of the Sumatran jungle firestorm, but now he's trapped with little more than a can of gasoline to save himself. Unreachable by helicopter, Daigo must find a way to survive the deadliest part of the conflagration all on his own. Will he successfully fight fire with fire, or will his legend perish in this jungle blaze? Get ready for the pulse-pounding conclusion to Daigo's heroic exploits. Just what is the most reckless firefighter in manga history cooking up for his final hurrah?!

Flame of Recca, Vol. 25

The final battle has begun, pitting ultimate good against ultimate evil! On one side: the power-mad Koran Mori, now transformed into an insatiable monster determined to destroy Yanagi's life-giving power. On the other side: Team Hokage and an army of friends and allies. To save Yanagi, Recca and his friends must penetrate Koran Mori's fortress, a secret mountain laboratory crammed with genetically engineered monsters and a supernatural army of darkness. Faced with everything from bandage-tossing mummies to giant robot maids, can the forces of light prevail?

Hayate the Combat Butler, Vol. 5

To truly be considered a butler of the highest caliber, Hayate needs more than just punctuality, an unwavering sense of loyalty and the ability to keep his mistress out of tight situations--he'll also need to develop the ultimate fighting technique! Despite his best efforts, though, our butler-in-debt seems incapable of keeping out of duels. Thankfully, this time it's a non-life-threatening kendo match. Will the path of the sword help guide Hayate toward true domestic enlightenment?


Togari, Vol. 3

108 Sins in 108 Days!

Tobei goes out on the prowl seeking more sins to prey upon, and suspicious Detective Sawazaki is hot on his trail to discover what lies behind this young tough's curious activities. Whether he's a delusional monster or an aloof hero, Sawazaki has yet to decide. But time is quickly running out for Tobei with so many sins left for him to slay!  95 Sins to Go!


Yakitate!! Japan, Vol. 8

It's only the exhibition for the Monaco Cup--the prestigious bread tournament Kazuma and company are participating in as they study abroad in France--and the competition is already ablaze. Kawachi and Kanmuri collaborate on an outlandish decorative bread scheme to earn their team some extra points, but will their avant-garde approach hurt their chances more than help? Later, a roulette wheel is used to decide which ingredients will be allowed in the first preliminaries. Will Kazuma's trusty Ja-pan 21 see Pantasia through to victory?

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Deluxe Edition) (DVD)

Naruto and his team are sent on a mission to guard Yukie Fujikaze, a popular actress starring the hit movie "The Adventures of Princess Gale." The crew is heading toward the Land of Snow, a land forever covered in snow, to shoot the final scenes of the film. When Yukie refuses to go and escapes from the set, she is brought back by force by Naruto and his teammates. But little do they know there are three rouge Snow Ninja lying in wait with a sinister purpose that forces Yukie to make a crucialT decisiion and face her hidden past.

Bilingual (Japanese & English)



A.D. Vision (ADV) Films is allowing you to watch the first episode of Venus Versus Virus with the release of Vol. 1 following on Tuesday. Watch episode 1 of Venus Versus Virus for FREE on!


Venus Versus Virus

Demons exist in our world. Known as "Viruses," they are shells of men and women, sad yet fearsome beings cursed with an insatiable hunger for human souls. The only thing keeping the innocent alive are the Venus Vanguard, an elite group of hunters tasked with the extermination of Viruses. Lucia is their top killer, cold, calculating, and a deadly shot. Fate shines on Lucia when her path crosses Sumire Takahana, a young student with the ability to become a living anti-Virus. There’s just one problem with the Vanguard’s newest recruit – when she enters into a rage, there’s no stopping her!

 Of course they are not very forthcoming with release date information (I have contacted them about getting a release schedule for you) but I think along with VVV they will also release the following: 


Unbeknownst to average teenager Haruo Yoshikawa, his three sisters have magical powers, which they use to protect him and keep him out of trouble. Everything is going fine until a young witch cursed to lose her powers discovers that Haruo is the boy she needs to break her curse. Now Ayumi Mamiya must awaken the latent powers within Haruo to restore hers. Unfortunately, Haruo's sisters aren't going to let her near him without a fight!



Bandai Entertainment, whom I also contacted about a release schedule, is as always telling us what was available last week. It was a large release for them (all DVDs) so I have included it:

Date: Title Language: Subs: Episodes: Price:
11.06.2007 Flag (V.1) Eng/Jpn E 1-4 $29.98
11.06.2007 Flag (V.1) Limited Edition Eng/Jpn E 1-4 $39.98
11.06.2007 Tide-Line Blue (V.4) Eng/Jpn E 11-13 $24.98
11.06.2007 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (V.11) Eng/Jpn E 43-46 $24.98
11.06.2007 Digi Charat Nyo! (V.4) Eng/Jpn E 25-32 $24.98
11.06.2007 My-OTOME (V.3) Eng/Jpn E 9-12 $24.98
11.06.2007 Eureka Seven (V.10) Eng/Jpn E 39-42 $24.98
11.06.2007 Eureka Seven (V.10) Special Edition Eng/Jpn E 39-42 $49.98
11.06.2007 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (V.4) Eng/Jpn E 12-14 $29.98
11.06.2007 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (V.4) Special Edition Eng/Jpn E 12-14 $59.98

Additionally Amazon has this cool UNboxed video thing where you can rent or buy videos and all you have to do is download them. So here's a cool look into that:

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