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Xbox Live Update - 4 June 2008 Print E-mail
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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Wednesday, 04 June 2008

[News] [X360]

We CigDangle could have sworn that one of these games was already out.  Don't let that stop you from taking a ”goo"d look at it.

Xbox Live Arcade 

1-4 players / 2-4 player Local Co-Op / 2-4 Player LIVE Co-Op - Rated E - 800 MS points - SouthPeak Games

We thought this game was out already, we even had an article about it already.  So let me say the exact same thing we already said about it.

Roogoo is a rare breed of puzzle game that combines compulsive play with an engaging storyline and a wonderful fantasy world.  With its accessible gameplay, unique charm and high production values, Roogoo is set to carve its own niche when released for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. Gamers will definitely have loads of fun mastering its unusual depth and trying to become the guru of Roogoo.”

Roogoo 20080529 - 03 Save the planet Roo and all its citizens from the evil Meemos by guiding differently shaped meteors to avoid collision with the planet. Rotate floating land masses to allow meteors to pass through safely. Use quick wit to avoid or destroy obstacles preventing completion of a level.


  • Contains 45 levels of action packed puzzle racing games
  • Single player, Multiplayer (up to four), and Leadership boards to view highest available scores among other competitive players
  • Five differently shaped and colored meteors
  • Collect stars to double your chance of winning or losing
  • Meemos and butterflies placed throughout levels as obstacles for a challenging yet entertaining game play experience
  • Entertaining short story segments

Aces of the Galaxy
1-2 players / 2 player Local Co-Op / 2 player LIVE Co-Op - Rated E - 800 MS points - Sierra Online

Aces of the Galaxy 01 This old fashioned arcade game brings back the high octane adrenaline rush with its shoot-em-up style.  Players are challenged to save the universe from horribly wicked Skurgian Empire.  Rip enemy ships to shred with high powered upgradeable weapons sure to annihilate anything in your path.  Super sized missile launchers, raging torpedoes and an endless torrent of rounds from a chain gun are sure to help in the battle against waves and waves of the Skurgian army.  Set against the space backdrop you can chose to fight alone or with a friend, on Xbox LIVE or not.  I cannot help but wonder, if this is all in space, are the torpedoes simply more missiles?  Although one cannot complain too much about having more explosives to fire.

Downloadable Content

Rock Band

Jimmy Buffet Pack - (Re-recorded by Mr. Buffet, who apparently "really likes the game")
$1.99/160 MS Points each or $5.49/440 MS Points

Disturbed Pack - All songs are from their forth coming album, Indestructible.
$0.99/80 MS Points or $2.49/240 MS Points - Limited time pricing!

Best Buy announced they are partnering with MTV Games and Harmonix to offer “Indestructible” and “Inside The Fire” for Rock Band from Xbox Live.  By pre-ordering the album at, fans will receive instructions on how to download the freebies.


Battlefield: Bad Company

Although this technically will not be out until tomorrow, I thought it was worth a mention so nobody forgets to get it.

"Players who missed their opportunity to participate in the closed beta get a second chance to experience the intense multiplayer Gold Rush mode on the Oasis map while the single player portion starts gamers at the beginning of their ‘B’ company career. The single player portion of the demo sets the stage for players as they’re introduced to the humorous and sometimes irreverent set of characters that make up the ‘B’ company. As gamers embark on their quest for gold, they’ll experience the same classic Battlefield gameplay including access to numerous vehicles, weapons and open maps as well as the new tactical destruction that only Battlefield: Bad Company can deliver."


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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 June 2008 )

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