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Xbox Live Releases - 13 June 2007 Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Monday, 11 June 2007
[Retro] [X360]

Although, I am fairly certain my cries have not reached the "land of the rising sun", it seems they may have reached to Redmond, WA. The Xbox Live releases this week, are incredible, far bettter than their Nintendo counter parts. Personally I can't wait to try them both out.

This week, Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe arrives on Xbox Live. The original Speedball, was first released for the Amiga in 1990, but its sequel, now updated with all-new High Definition screens, more teams and additional downloadable content, was the version that reached blockbuster status, selling more than 2 million units. Wonder if SuperGuido, the Amiga-boy, had this game...

Also, this week, Prince of Persia Classic will finally be available. This is a gorgeous remake of the 1989 PC original, Prince of Persia. The updated version will feature:

-Enhanced character designs, animations and visuals
-New traps, puzzles and enemies


-12 Xbox Achievements and will feature three different leader boards:

-Normal Mode: Complete the game as fast as possible, which saves at the end of each level
-Time Attach Mode: Complete the game as fast as possible – but be prepared to start from the beginning if you fail to save the Princess in under 60 minutes
-Survival Mode: Complete the entire game in under 60 minutes – without dying

One only hopes that this Microsoft can keep the offerings coming, and that they didn't blow the load all today.


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