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PAL Wii Shop Channel Update - 16 May 2008
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 16 May 2008

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In an attempt to try to make this post easier to find, I have yet again, renamed this post.  This should be the last time...I promise.  So, without further ado, here is this week's update.

Star Parodier
TurboGrafx CD - 1 Player - Rated 7+ - 900 Points - Inter State & Kaneko Co., Ltd. - 1992

A "cute'em-up" top-down shooter that lampoons the Star Soldier games by replacing most sci-fi elements with humorous graphics and sounds.

You can choose to play the game as the starfighter from the Star Soldier games, a flying Bomberman and a giant, laser-toting PC-Engine, each featuring their own weapon combinations which can be swapped at will in-game by collecting the right power-ups.

Features fully-animated cutscenes and CD music.



Digital Champ: Battle Boxing
TurboGrafx-16 - ? Player - Rated 12+ - 700 Points - Naxat Soft - 1989

Takes the Punch Out perspective on the boxing action with each button controlling a fist. Holding punch down launches a power punch, but be sure to keep ducking and weaving with the D pad. Not officially licensed, but seems to have a guest appearance from Rocky in there.


Gley Lancer
Mega Drive - 1 Player - Rated 7+ - 900 Points - NCS - 1992

A side-scrolling sci-fi shooter, Gleylancer casts you as Lucia, a young pilot in the Space Fleet of starfighters that hijacks the experimental Gleylancer fighter to go explore the outer borders of known space in search of her missing father. Along the way Lucia will have to shoot down dozens of enemies in standard shooter fashion, while avoiding destruction and collecting power-ups that extend her ship’s energy, upgrade weapons and gather screen-clearing bombs.

The Gleylancer comes equipped with two hovering satellites that can receive weapon upgrades of their own, and can lock their positions at specific angles to increase your firepower and protect the player from enemy attacks. Features only a single-player campaign with two different endings depending on how the final stages are completed (e.g. if Lucia’s father is rescued or not).


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