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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 07 December 2007

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It looks to be a 16-bit day in Europe today, as Nintendo releases two Sega Mega Drive and a Super Nintendo title.  Rolling Thunder was one of my favorite coin-op games of all time, so I'm excited to see Rolling Thunder 2 arrive on the Virtual Console.  Now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the U.S.

Rolling Thunder 2
Mega Drive - 1-2 Players - 800 Points - Namco - 1991

Set sometime during the 1990s, the Geldra organization (now known as Neo-Geldra and led by a new leader named Gimdo), thought to had been destroyed during the first game, returns and are destroying several of the worlds’ satellites in outer space. Like the previous game, the player takes control of a member of the Interpol’s fictional Rolling Thunder task force. Up to two players can now play simultaneously, while a single player now has a choice between former damsel-in-distress Leila (as Player 1) or returning hero Albatross (as Player 2). Although outside their different visual appearance (including different handguns), the two characters otherwise play the same.


Light Crusader
Mega Drive - 1 Player - 800 Points - Treasure Co. Ltd - 1995

The adventure follows the knight Sir David as he travels to the town of Green Row. Green Row has been suffering from a rash of disappearances and Sir David has been summoned by the King to find the cause. Gameplay is viewed from an isometric viewpoint. Players can execute simple sword slashes, move freely, jump, and push objects. Gameplay is a mix of action, puzzle solving, and platforming for the most part, with the usual role-playing staples like towns, shops, equipment, and spellcasting. You contol Sir David as he travels through an assortment of dungeons, battling creatures such as ’slime’, solving puzzels to advance and saving those who were kidnapped.


SNES - 1 Player - 800 Points - Konami - 1993 

It is the near future. Resources are dwindling and the major powers of the world are locked in a territorial dispute. As Pacific States Marine Corps soldier Jake, you must lead your platoon on a deadly mission to destroy the enemy’s ultimate weapon.

Pilot your Cybernator G5-E (a five-story tall mechanised humanoid Assault Suit) through seven exciting stages, using the suit’s destructive arsenal of weaponry. As you progress through the game, you will also be able to power each weapon up to a maximum of three levels. It’s up to you whether to power up one specific weapon or all weapons simultaneously, adding an element of strategy to the non-stop action.

The powerful background music, military atmosphere and intense story development combine to give the world of Cybernator a gritty, sci-fi feel that you won’t soon forget.

Source: Nintendic


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