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PAL Nintendo Wii V.C. Releases: 29 June 2007 Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 28 June 2007

[Retro] [Wii]

Europe and the other PAL territories get to play catch up with N.A. today on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console as Bloody Wolf is released. But we also get a new addition in Kirby's Dream Course. Not a fantastic week but it could have been worse, it could have been Barbie.


Bloody Wolf
TurboGrafx-16 - 1 player - Rated 12+ - 600 Points - G-Mode - 1990
Two commandos of the Bloody Wolf special forces receive instructions from their commander to destroy the enemy's weapon base and rescue any allies who have been reported as Missing in Action. Players automatically begin the game with a machine gun containing unlimited ammo and a knife used exclusively for close quarters combat. The mission's levels are separated into "scenes" and usually consist of one or more players running through various terrain, attacking hordes of enemy soldiers, and reaching the end of the stage to battle a boss. Amidst all the action, players have the option to rescue various hostages scattered throughout the levels to obtain new weapons or items.


Kirby's Dream Course
SNES - 1-2 players - Rated 3+ - 800 points - Nintendo - 1995

 Kirby's Dream Course puts a new spin on the sport of gold, with Kirby as the ball and his enemies as obstacles! There are eight different courses to conquer, each containing eight levels packed with obstacles like water, spikes, conveyor belts and trampolines.
In each level take out all the enemies by rolling Kirby into them, and then head for the hole that appears. You can adjust the angle of Kirby's movement, and spin and power and also copy the powers of enemies; such as using a parasol to float, ice to freeze water or fire to burn bad guys to a crisp. As well as challenging single-player mode, it also features a two-player mode where you can compete against a friend.  

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