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PAL Nintendo Wii V.C. Releases: 28 March 2008 Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 28 March 2008

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Commodore 64 titles have arrived in PAL territories!  International Karate and Uridium have hit European and Australian shores.  Additionally, our friends across both bonds are getting a little present from the States: Cruis'N USA.

International Karate
Commodore 64 - 1-2 Players Rated 12+ - 500 Points - System 3 Software - 1986

The core game is a two-dimensional, one-on-one, versus fighting game. Players take on the roles of martial artists competing in a kumite tournament. Rather than wearing down an opponent’s health, the goal is instead to score single solid hits. After each hit, combat stops and both combatants are returned to their starting positions. Depending on how well players hit their opponent, they score either a half-point or a full point. Matches can be quite brief, as only two full points are required to win, and a point can be quickly scored just seconds after a round begins.

In single player mode, successive opponents increase in difficulty from novice white belts to master black belts. Play continues as long as the player continues to win matches. Between fights, bonus mini-games focusing on rhythm and timing appear, including one in which the player must break a number of stacked boards using only his or her head.


Commodore 64 - 1 Player - Rated 3+ - 500 Points - Graftgold Ltd. - 1986

The solar system is under attack! Enemy Super-Dreadnoughts have been placed in orbit around each of the fifteen planets in this galactic sector. They are draining mineral resources from the planetary cores for use in their interstellar power units. Each Super-Dreadnought seeks out a different metal for its metal converter.

Your Manta class Space Fighter will be transported to each planet in turn and it is your task to destroy each Dreadnought. First you must attack the defensive screen of enemy fighters, then you must neutralise the majority of surface defences before you land on the Super-Dreadnought’s master runway. Once on board you must pull as many fuel rods as possible from the metal converters before you take off for a final strafing run as the Dreadnought vaporises into the ether.


Cruis’n USA
N64 - 1-2 Players - Rated 3+ - 1000 Points - Midway - 1996

Slam the pedal to the metal and hang on for a wild race across the highways of America. Catch tall the roadside scenery and famous landmarks from three different driving perspectives - from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore to the rolling hills of Appalachia.

Experience the treacherous turns and famous landmarks as you drive across America! Select one of five difficulty levels and even remove street traffic or rivel racers from the course. Select one of ten short courses or go the distance on an textended 14-stage road race. A split screen perspective allows two players to share the action simultaneously.

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