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North American Wii Shop Channel Update - 26 May 2008
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Monday, 26 May 2008

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Okay, so I may have dropped the ball today.  It didn't seem as though Nintendo had planned on releasing anything here today, particularly with the holiday.  But I decided to check one last time, and low and behold, there it was: two Wii Ware and two VC updates. 

Wii Ware

Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
1-4 Players, 1000 Points, Nintendo

The all-time puzzle classic returns for the Wii generation, featuring online gameplay and a new Germ Buster mode! Destroy all the viruses trapped in the bottle by dropping and slotting capsules to create lines of matching colours. The more viruses you clear, the faster the capsules drop.

In Dr. Mario, challenge the computer in One Player mode, go head-to-head with a friend in Two Player mode or prove your skills against the world via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can also send a demo version of the game to a friend (within your region) using WiiConnect24.

In Germ Buster (based on the relaxation game in More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima), up to four players can use their Wii Remotes to grab, spin and slot capsules as their Miis try to keep the nasty bugs at bay. Who thought that catching germs could be so much fun?

Family Table TennisFamily Table Tennis
1-2 players, 500 Points, Aksys Games

"Family Table Tennis is a simplified table tennis simulation with the player controlling a member of a family (consisting of a mother, father, pre-teen son and daughter) against another in a game of table tennis. Similar to Wii Sports tennis, the movement of the character on screen is controlled by the computer, with the player swinging the Wii Remote like a paddle to serve and return the ball. The player can choose from four courts to play on, including a beach and an outdoors area."



Virtual Console

City Connection - NESCity Connection
NES, 1-2 players, Rated E, 500 Points, Hect Co. Ltd. & NMK Co. Ltd., 1988

Based on the arcade hit, a young man born in California sets out to tour famous sites and cities around the world. As he drives the highways surrounding these locations, the road is painted white as proof of his visit. Only once all sections of the road have been painted will he move on to the next location in his world tour. Not surprisingly, the local police will chase the driver and do their best to stop him from completing his goal. In addition, cats roam the highways and spikes lie in wait for unsuspecting drivers. To combat these dangers, the driver’s customized car can jump, fire cans of oil and collect balloons to warp to a new stage. It’s the ultimate road trip.

Metal Slug - NeoGeoMetal Slug
Neo Geo, 1-2 Players, Rated ?, 900 Points, SNK Corp., 1999

Metal Slug was originally released on the Neo Geo, being a sidescrolling shoot ‘em up. The story is simple, you’re a soldier (or two, if you want to play with your mate) up against a gigantic army.

Every level consists of you running forward blasting everything that moves, and getting any powerup in the way (there’s also a wide selection of weaponry in the game), and in the end of each level you’re up against a gigantic boss.


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