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North American Virtual Console Releases - 12 November 2007 Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Monday, 12 November 2007

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Volleyball?  Are you kidding me?  Come on Nintendo!  You can do better than that.

I do not understand releasing titles like this.  I would love to see the sales figures on titles like this.  I can't imagine they sell that many copies, unless the fan-boys are just that hungry for content.  Regardless, Nintendo also released Blue's Journey, a NeoGeo title released Friday in Europe, and Alexay, a scrolling shooter originally appearing on the Super Nintendo platform.

NES - 1-2 players - rated E - 500 Points - Nintendo - 1986

Step onto the court in one of the first volleyball games ever made. Select either the men's or women's competition, choose from one of eight available countries to represent, and prepare for some intensely fun game play. The straightforward controls include all the moves you'll need to effectively direct your six-person team. Take some time mastering them in the training mode, though, because you'll need all the practice you can get when competing against challenging computer opponents. If you feel like some multiplayer action, take on a friend in the two-player mode and see whose skills are more polished. Block, set and spike your way to victory.

SNES - 1 player - rated E - 800 Points - Konami - 1992

Mysterious aliens have invaded the Earth-like planet of Corliss, slowly draining the planet's resources. Take control of the prototype Axelay ship and use its wide range of advanced weaponry to battle enemy forces. Play through multiple stages of action —from other planets to space stations — all on your way to destroying the alien headquarters. You are Corliss' last line of defense, so be careful not to be too distracted by the excellent graphics (including great scrolling effects) and rocking music. Pilot the Axelay using Konami's famously tight play control and experience what many consider to be a classic of the shooter genre.


Blue's Journey
NeoGeo - 1-2 players - rated E - 900 Points - Alpha Denshi - 1991

The planet of Raguy has been invaded by the Daruma tribe, changing it from a beautiful and peaceful place into one filled with pollution. Released in 1991, this horizontally scrolling action game tells the story of an insectarian named Blue and his quest to save the planet and keep its inhabitants from being turned into slaves. Use Blue's main weapon, a leaf, to flip enemies onto their heads and then throw them at other members of the Daruma tribe, defeating anyone in your way. Additional weapons, such as bombs and boomerangs, are also available, or you can collect flowers to purchase other special items like honey or swim fins. Blue also has the special ability to change his size at will — if he's too big to fit in a particular area, then shrink him. The bright, colorful graphics, combined with lots of hidden items to find, ensure an enjoyable experience with plenty of replay value. Help Blue muster all his strength and eliminate the Daruma tribe.


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