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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008

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Eidos Interactive has developed four new maps for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men multiplayer co-op. 

  Each map features its own scenario that the teams will have to battle through to steal money from all sorts of people.  Still offered, of course, is the chance to backstab your teammates and keep the loot for yourself.  Whether you are taking on local dope dealers and the Russian mafia at a construction site in “Clean Cut”, clashing with the Yakuza in “Hooker’s Trail”, raiding a drug baron’s mansion in “Flying High” or ambushing a military convoy for hidden gold in “Hasta La Vista” you are guaranteed a new unique experience.  “The Dope Bag” is slated for release on April 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and it will be available free on both systems marketplace.  Now that’s some good loot!

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