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Written by Alison "TheGirl" Richards   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007

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It’s that time again.  Wednesday.  If you’re in the USA, right now you’re probably sitting at your computer, waiting for the boss to let you out early so that you can sit in the wonderful holiday traffic to get to your family for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

If you’re not in the USA… its Wednesday.

Either way, we all want to go home, and since we can’t… why don’t we play a game?

Today’s game is… well, that helicopter game.  As far as I know, there is no real name for this little piece of FLASH fun.  It’s just there.  And it’s addictive.  VERY addictive.  So addictive that you will dream about it tonight after playing for 5 hours...

Oh wait, that’s just me.  See what I sacrifice for this job?

Instructions are easy.  Click and hold the mouse button for the helicopter to go up.  Let go and down it goes.  DON’T CRASH.  When the game restarts, the game randomizes itself so you never take the same flight twice. 

Also, the helicopter falls faster than it rises.  If you need to make a quick decision when flying at a wall and you can go both ways?  Go down.  You can climb again when you have the space or need to.

Finally, watch out for the edges of the walls.  Start climbing too quickly and your tail will hit the wall and it’ll crash you.  Same with not climbing fast enough.  Those corners kill me EVERY TIME.

There you have it!  Best I got was 622.  But it was also 3 in the morning and I was behind deadline for this article!  Have fun beating that.  See you next week!




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SuperGuido, Super Administrator
Just got 886 after a quick jump into the game to check it out... it reminds me of a far simpler version of Fort Apache from the old Amiga days. Hey Dave! Fort Apache! FORT APACHE!
 Posted 2007-11-21 10:29:20
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