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Hump Day Blues: Casual Game of the Week - Aussie X-Mas Print E-mail
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Written by Alison "TheGirl" Richards   
Wednesday, 12 December 2007

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Wow!  It's already the twelfth of December.  Where does the time go?  If you know - tell me, because I would like some of it back!

Anyway, it's that time again: time for me to bring you a little hidden gem on the Internet that will alleviate your boredom and help relax you after a day of screaming bosses and whining children.

Speaking of screaming children, have you been to the mall lately?  Chances are, you have.  And you’ve seen Santa sitting in that big overstuffed chair with the kids bouncing around, waiting to tell him what they want so he can shove his big booty down their chimney, gift in hand.

Seriously, when I think about what Mr. Claus has to go through each December, my job doesn’t seem all that bad.

I’m sure that he would much rather be lying on a beach with two Piña Coladas, staring at the pretty ladies as they walk by in their bikinis.  I know I’m pretty tempted.

Well, that’s where we find Kris Kringle today: on the Gold Coast of Australia in a game called Aussie X-Mas

To play, just click on Santa and keep him from touching the sand.  He bounces up and away each time you click, and will start moving faster depending on how far into the game you are and where you click on him.

Also, to get your points up faster, he will occasionally drop toys out of his bag and if you click on them before they fade away, you get bonuses.

How’s that for a simple but addictive game?  My top today is 88.  I’ve seen a friend hit 118.  How many points can you get?

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