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Written by Dave "FarmerDave" Warnes   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008



Are you that bad at gaming that you need to cheat?

There you are, playing you favorite online game, and BAM; you are dead.  How did this happen?  There were not any bad guys in the area, so how did you die?

cardsWe have all experienced players cheating at one time or another - players who have taken it upon themselves to cheat.   Cheating can take many forms, from hacks and cracks to tactics that are not agreed upon. There are some games in which after you die; you respawn in a particular location.  “Campers,” as they are known, often take up residence just outside of these spawn points to kill you as you spawn.   Why do people do this?

cheat The reasons all seem dark and mysterious, ego, self satisfaction, revenge and the fear of failure are just some of the reasons.  There have been many, many research projects done on cheating and it is a paradoxical reason that most people cheat: to create an environment of fairness.   While this seems almost backward, the logic of the statement holds true. People cheat to try to create a level playing field because they believe that the other people are cheating as well.

 We find it easier to believe that others are cheating in the game, rather than admit to ourselves that were just not that good.  This is where the ego come into play, since most people are on a mission to constantly validate their abilities, cheating gives them a false sense of validity because they feel that they are justified in cheating.

cards Do you cheat?  When you play the online games, do you sometimes cheat?  When you feel nostalgic and pull out a deck of cards to play some solitaire, do you peek at the cards?  How do you feel after you cheat?  Do you feel good and that your actions were justified? It feels funny doesn’t it?  We know that cheating is wrong but yet we do it anyway. When you get the Sunday paper do you flip to the answers of the crossword puzzle if you are having trouble getting started?  What about the Sudoku game?   The next time that you decide to cheat, ask yourself “Why” and who is really benefitting from you bending the rules.


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