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Friday, 19 January 2007

TheGirl was recruited shortly after winning a contest when we found out she could and was interested in writing. She officially started with Generation: Gamerz when she submitted her first article to us Wednesday, 07 November 2007.

Being TheGirl of Generation:Gamerz, you'd think that her expertise would be in Lion King and Kingdom Hearts. And yes, while she HAS played (and beaten) them both, they are far off on her list of favorite games.

Her gaming experience really took hold in 7th grade, when they started teaching kids how to type and use a computer as a class. There, she and her classmates passed around floppy diskettes of both Prince of Persia and Oregon Trail like they were illegal substances. Gaming has been a part of her life ever since.

The Zelda series is probably The Girl's favorite games, starting back with the original Legend of Zelda, and to her all-time favorite Ocarina of Time. However, in those early days she tended to just do the adventure parts of the game, and hand off the boss fights to her older brother.

That family tradition would continue, especially when her then twenty-something brother got Onimushu and made his teenage sister sit in the room and solve the puzzles in the game so he could keep playing.

College would bring her not only to the Ocarina of Time, but to her all favorite game Goldeneye. Maybe one day she'll REALLY tell us about those drunken college nights playing the game with 5 others guys on Friday nights.

TheGirl, between her and her brother (who she tends to inherit the systems from), has had an Atari, Nintendo, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega, Sega CD, PS1 amd PS2, as well as her PC.

And yes, she plays HALO, and has a strange addiction to DDR.

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