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Written by GamerPrime   
Saturday, 18 August 2007

SPOmniBot OmniBot started playing video games at a very young age.  Born in Milwaukee, WI during the summer of 1978 he has racked up a very long history of gaming.  Mastering games also became very important as he is a competitive freak.

From his first step into competitive gaming by making it into the semi-finals 1990 Nintendo World Championships at age 12 (in the 12 - 17 year old bracket no less!), winning 3 separate stores in the 1994 Blockbuster World Championships, and winning the CyberAthlete Amateur League - Open Divison for Return to Castle Wolfenstein being the best at games has always been in his blood.  OmniBot has been on many successful teams in CAL and TWL in many games over the last 8 years but has since run out of time for competitive gaming.

At a young age, his father purchased an Intellivision video game console. At the age of 5, his family packed up and headed out to the 'burbs for a better life, and what would ultimately be more gaming action.

Upon arival in New Berlin, WI he discovered that his neighbor was an old high school friend of his mother's and, more importantly, that their family had a ColecoVision with many cartridges.  Between playing Intellivision & Coleco he discovered his favorite classic games like Donkey Kong, Mr. Do!, Burger Time, Spy Hunter, Zaxxon, Root Beer Tapper, Congo Bongo, Dig Dug, Lady Bug, Keystone Kapers, Pac-Man, and Q*bert.

Later in the 1980's, OmniBot visited a friend's house during a Cub Scout meeting and first saw the console that changed it all - the Nintendo Entertainment System.  After that one night during which he wasn't allowed to play because he wasn't one of the popular kids, he knew he must have one of his own!  Months of begging finally paid off and he quickly became a Nintendo fan-boy.  Some of his all time favorite NES games include Super Mario Brothers, the Zelda series, the Final Fantasy series, and many others. Paired with a friend who had Sega Master System, all of the Third Generation consoles were easily at hand.

During his early teens, he met some friends who had IBM PCs around their houses and began playing games on the computer and discovered DOS and the internal components of PCs.  It was during that time that he discovered modems and the wonders of Bulletin Board Services in the Milwaukee area. Through his time and use of the BBS system, he was introduced to Cigdangle who was looking for someone to help out with a BBS creation of his own. While on the BBS circuit, he discovered online gaming playing countless hours of 4-player Doom 2.  From there he moved on to the text-based RPGs MajorMudd and Trade Wars 2002After spending so much time working with computers, OmniBot knew that was the path to follow in life. Since his love for computers and gaming go hand in hand, here he is today.

OmniBot still lives in the Milwaukee area with his wife and 3 gatos.  He is currently working as a Computer Manufacturing Engineering Specialist & attends school part time.  Somehow, he still finds time to play many games on PC and multiple consoles.  OmniBot also has a huge interest in board games, card games, and just about anything that has to do with gaming, competition, and fun!


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