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FarmerDave was indeed born on a farm just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1960, long before the era of commercially available videogames.  The first videogames he played were the arcade games like Asteroids, Assault, Battlezone, and Space Invaders. After working on the farm, he would travel to a nearby mall where he would exchange $5 for a fistful of quarters and play the games until the arcade closed.  When it closed, he would then drive to the local airport and play Tempest.

It was in FarmerDave’s early 20s that he was first truly exposed to PCs.  His mother worked for the municipality in which they lived, and was given a computer to do work at home.  It was the venerable IBM XT, and was used to run accounting software.  FarmerDave would help maintain the computer, and when finished, play games with it.  Initially, many of the games available were edutainment titles, such as Lemonade Stand, but PC gaming really opened up for FarmerDave with the release of Zork.  He spent nights playing quietly on the computer long after everyone else had gone to bed.

After leaving the farm, FarmerDave went to college to earn a degree in Agriculture. Sadly, upon completion, he found the only job he could get was one selling fertilizer.  So, he ventured back to school for Electrical Engineering and then for Mechanical Engineering (Yes, he has three degrees.)  It was then that FarmerDave got a part-time job at a used computer store – a decision that would alter his path in life.  This was an opportunity to not only began a career in computers, but more importantly, fully immerse himself into the world of personal computer gaming.  This job gave FarmerDave a chance to sample every conceivable platform available, including the Atari 800, Tandy, Macintosh, and even Kaypro based CPM machines.  He spent many hours playing games like, Zork (of course), The Secret of Monkey Island, and Star Fighter on systems such as the Commodore 64, the Atari 520 ST, and the Apple II.  FarmerDave was hooked.

FarmerDave currently works as an I.T. consultant, and still enjoys gaming.  Although he still spends a lot of time with the classics, like Rogue and Zork, he now finds time for newer games and platforms (like Star Wars: Battlefront on his Xbox).  He also likes to spend a Saturday night with a beer and a full size arcade game at one of the local pubs.

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