Iron Man looks HOT!

I normally don't just post an article for a gallery update, but when I saw these screenshots I had to. I mean they're so....I think I'm going to cry... ...

Death to Spies Preview

   I picked a lock or two and grabbed the Death to Spies preview from Nobilis and 1C (publishers) and Haggard Games (developer) for a quick peek into why ...

Saturday Morning Cartoons 26 Oct - 2 Nov 2007

As many cartoons crossover to or from video games I thought it would be interesting to have a section highlighting the upcoming week's new releases from the major publishers. Of&...

Scallywag Lair of the Medusa Review

Scallywag: Lair of the Medusa from Chronic Reality and Shrapnel Games is one of the most...unique titles I have seen in long time. This game makes no pretenses about ...

Saitek X52 PRO PC Flight Control System and PRO Rudder Pedals (Review)

It’s 7PM on a Tuesday evening as you make your approach into Rockford, IL. (KRFD)  You have been up since 4AM to get the bosses to a 9...

Guitar Hero III Preview

In case you forgot it was coming, the Guitar Hero III 5-song demo we were promised a few months ago arrived on Xbox Live yesterday.  The tracks available are:

Table Tennis Screenshots from Rockstar

Rated E for Everyone I have been waiting for a realistic looking sports/activity game that could make good but easy use of the Wii's motion sensing technolgy, and it ...

FPSS slide image

New Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Assets

Today, Capcom released some new information and assets for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. The game explores the back story of the Umbrella Corporation and its collapse.  Locations from ...

FPSS slide image

Rat Race Trailer

I don't know much about this game, but I have heard some rumblings of late. First, the game is to be an episodic comedy adventure, much like the new Sam &...

FPSS slide image

Unboxing the Pinnacle of Games Media Hype

Hey look everyone a new SOMETHING came out. I will now take 100 photos of every detail of the box then send them to some site like 1Up or Engadget so ...


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