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7th January, 2014

Xbox One and PS4 sold 1000 consoles per minute in Amazon

Christmas brought gifts and eager to spend so it seems, since PS4 and Xbox One were so popular this holiday season that Amazon managed to reach the peak of 1000 consoles sold per minute. 

Xbox One and PS4 sold 1000 consoles per minute in Amazon 

Amazon revealed this figure as part of a notice of its best lived in history in the holiday shopping season. It should be pointed out that only on Cyber ​​Monday; consumers worldwide requested more than 36.8 million items at a rate of 426 items per second. 

The PS4 and Xbox One now become the center of attention for its amount of sales worldwide. In addition, Sony continues with the idea of ​​selling the stunning amount of three million consoles in a short space of time. 

Amazon also unveiled its best-selling video game this holiday period. The lucky ones have been, in the following order, Call of Duty: Ghost (Xbox 360), Just Dance 2014 (Wii) and Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360). 

Sales of consoles 

After obtaining these data, it appears that the generational start being much more positive than it was in its day with its predecessors. PS4 and Xbox One are sold one after the other, and so far seem to point to one of the best views generational starts. 

Honestly, and reviewing completely from the personal, we can not understand this amount of sales as the consoles are barely offer new experiences, but as mentioned in another article, marketing campaigns launched by the two companies have been excellent, and they appear achieving the objectives, hopefully this will serve as a push to offer substantial developments in the near future.


7th January, 2014

Xbox One and PS4 sold 1000 consoles per minute in Amazon

Christmas brought gifts and eager to spend so it seems, »

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